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How to deliver explicit content

Explicit content is allowed by the channels, but it has to be properly flagged before its delivery in order to be published. Many of the digital partners have parental control processes available that will prevent explicit content from being displayed to children who visit their digital stores.  

How to mark explicit content in a release?

  • Go to the track that has explicit content.
  • Scroll to “Explicit lyrics” and select “Explicit”
  • Save the modifications, and they will be automatically displayed at the preview level.

Some considerations…

  • Titles that have explicit language have to meet the language requirements specified in the Content Style Guide.
  • Adding the “Parental Advisory” tag to the art cover for explicit content is compulsory.
Failure to correctly identify explicit content may result in your release being removed from the stores after it has been delivered or not being published at all. For more information, check our Content Style Guide.

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