Omziki Distribution

Holiday Season Release Scheduling

Plan Ahead for your End-of-Year Release

As usual, in November and December, we anticipate that it may take longer for iTunes, Spotify, and all other stores to ingest your release.  While Omziki Distribution already suggests that you upload your music well before your release date to ensure it’s ready to go live on time, we recommend using the timetable below to plan for releases during the end-of-year holiday season.

All content that’s scheduled to go live by the dates on the left below must be uploaded and paid for by the Omziki Distribution Delivery Deadlines on the right:

November 25 November 7
November 26 – December 2 November 14
December 3 – December 9 November 28
December 10 – December 30 December 5
December 31 – January 6 December 19

Keep in mind that any change requests or release takedowns may also take longer than usual during this time.

Please expect delivery delays through mid-January.

Ready to distribute your release?  Head to your Dashboard to avoid seasonal delays!

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