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Omziki distributes your music to Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, YouTube Music, Boomplay, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Music, TikTok, Deezer & more.
We operate exclusively on a revenue split, with unlimited music distribution at only $14.99/yr.
Omziki clients receive their royalties via PayPal. Please be sure to input your PayPal email address in your account information section in order to be paid properly and on time.

For bank transfers (Payoneer), a threshold of $100 needs to be met before payouts commence.
Omziki will automatically deposit your royalties into your PayPal or Bank account on the last day of the month following the last day of calendar quarter that is subsequent to the calendar quarter in when your earnings accrued. That’s a lot of fancy accounting speak, so here is a plain English summary of what this means:

For earnings during the period January 1 to March 31, payment to you shall be made by July 31

For earnings during the period April 1 to June 30, payment to you shall be made by October 31

For earnings during the period July 1 to September 30, payment to you shall be made by January 31

For earnings during the period October 1 to December 31, payment to you shall be made by April 30
Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to estimate how many downloads and streams there will be. It is also very difficult to estimate the per-stream revenue because it varies widely by watch time, viewer territory, and how best you promote your music online etc.
Worldwide music distribution in more than 200 countries
Your music is available on all music services within a few days
You can publish new albums each year, without rising costs
You keep all rights and you can cancel at any time
You get daily sales data updated and statistics
You can use our promo tools free of charge
All required codes are incl. (ISRCs & UPC)
100% online and transparent – without paperwork or hidden costs
The contract is defined by our terms. You can look them up on our website at any time. There are no hidden fees or conditions and you can start selling your music right away.

As opposed to other music distribution services, you can delete albums free of charge and cancel your flatrate at any time without a cancelation period.

If you cancel your flatrate all your albums will be deleted from the music services and open albums expire. You still have free access to your user account and sales. However, it's only possible to publish new albums with an active flatrate.
If your payment can't be withdrawn (because of false payment details, lack of funds, return, objection etc.) the flatrate contract remains unaffected. You're still obligated to pay the open amount, plus chargeback fees. We will send you an email with a payment link. Access to your user account will be restricted until we receive the full payment.

If the payment remains open, we have to initiate a dunning procedure, resulting in additional costs. To avoid this, please transfer the total amount directly after receipt of the payment notice, at the latest within 14 days.

Fraud attempts will be prosecuted! To prevent breaches of law and fraudulent behaviour, we record your IP address.
1-25 songs as WAV file (16 Bit with 44,1 kHz)
Cover picture as JPG file with 3000x3000 pixels (300dpi, RGB colors)
Product info such as title, artist, language, songwriter, composer)

NOTE: Please follow all guidelines for title, artist name and cover picture to avoid delays or problems with the distribution of your music. Cover pictures with inferior quality will be rejected by the music services.
Albums containing content that's potentially harmful or inappropriate for youths have to be marked with "explicit lyrics" (adult content) during the upload.

Even common swear words in titles or song lyrics (e.g. fuck, shit, bitch, whore, damn, n*-word etc.) have to be marked as such, otherwise the album will be rejected by the music services. The same applies for the explicit description of violence, sex, or hard drugs (but not if it's only suggestive, e.g. by metaphors).

If a song is available as "explicit version" and "clean version" (e.g. radio edit) the explicit title has to be marked as "explicit" and the clean version as "clean". "Clean" can only be used if an explicit version already exists.

Most Legal Questions

You keep 100% all rights on your music. We only need the worldwide online music distribution right for the uploaded songs, during the time we distribute them. You're not allowed to distribute the same songs to the same music services through another music distributor or directly to a music service during the contract period. But of course, you can still exploit your songs in every other way possible, like on CD, LP, as YouTube video, or as stream or download on your own homepage.
You need the rights for all audio recordings ("master rights"), the permissions of all copyright owners (songwriter, composer, publisher), and the rights for the cover picture. If you use any content (such as audio recordings, samples, melodies, lyrics, compositions, artist names, trademarks, logos, graphics, pictures, photos) of others, you need to get the permission from the rights' owner. You're not allowed to upload this content without the respective permission.

You are responsible and liable for owning all rights for the content you upload. We recommend to get a written permission from all rights owners to avoid legal problems. By uploading your album, you confirm to own all necessary rights and permissions and that no third parties' rights are violated. If case of rights violations you are fully liable.
You can use our service with or without joining a royalty collection society. Joining usually makes sense when your music is already selling a lot, regularly playing on radio, or being licensed for bigger projects. For newcomers, we don't recommend joining a collecting society.

The royalty payments are processed by the music services to the collection societies. If you have any questions about royalty collection, please refer to your countries' royalty collection society.
To use parts of other songs ("samples") you need a written permission from the label owning the master rights of the original recording. If you use samples from music libraries, make sure you're allowed to use them for commercial purposes.
For remixes the version "Remix" is mandatory. Additionally you can add the remixer in the song title as followed: "Song Title (Remix by XY)".

To publish a remix, where you don't own all rights to the original song, you need the written permission from the label (to use the original recordings) and the copyright owners (for editing the lyrics and composition). Using third party content without the respective usage rights is a criminal offense.

The same applies to DJ mixes, but for every single song. That's why we don't distribute DJ mixes.
If you violate third-party rights, laws, or our terms, your albums may be deleted, your account suspended or deleted, and payouts canceled.

Rights violations are often criminal offenses that might have further consequences, such as contractual penalties, legal warnings, action for an injunction, claims for compensation, as well as legal fines or prison sentences. Therefore, please make sure you don’t violate any rights.

Typical rights violations are for example:

„Streaming fraud“, e.g. the artificial increase and/or manipulation of sales/plays at the music streaming services (e.g. usage of automated processes, codes or scripts, usage of various accounts at the music services that constantly play the songs of the user, or by using a third parties' offer to buy streams)

Usage of audio recordings (e.g. samples or instrumentals) without the permission of the rights owner
Usage of lyrics and/or compositions without the permission of the rights owner

Incorrect copyright information (e.g. wrong songwriter, composer, publisher or incomplete/incorrect information and/or wrong spellings)
Usage of cover versions, remixes, DJ mixes or other edits without the permission of the rights owner
Usage of pictures, photos, or graphics without the permission of the rights owner

Usage of logos or trade marks without the permission of the rights owner
Incorrect personal/company data in the user account
Unlicensed usage of a third parties' artist name

NOTE: It’s technically not possible, and we’re legally not obligated, to check your uploaded albums for their rightfulness. With the upload you confirm that no rights are being violated and you are liable for all damages, costs, or expenses arising from a rights violation.
Your sales success depends on the quality of your music, cover picture, and promotion. Visit our Artist services and Artist Advise, Here you'll find some helpful online music distribution tips.
Yes. Audio books can be uploaded just like regular music albums and should be divided into several tracks (or chapters) with max. 10 minutes playtime. The total playtime should not exceed 120 minutes. The track titles have to begin with "Chapter 1: Title X" or "Part 1: Title Y". During the upload you have to select "Audiobook" as genre and enter the authors' name as songwriter and composer. The total number of tracks also reflects on the sales price.

Audio books will not be distributed to Apple Music / iTunes and are usually not distributed to music streaming services.
You can only upload cover version, when you have the permission of the copyright owners. Furthermore, you have to follow these guidelines:

You have to enter all copyright owners of the original with full names (composer, songwriter and publisher).

You can't use the original artist name. The title must not include "originally performed by", "in the style of", "tribute to" or "cover of". The original artist can't be mentioned or displayed on the cover picture.

You can't change the song title of the original.

You have to choose "Cover Version" in the version field during the upload.

You can't use the original recordings or parts of it. To do so, you need a written permission from the label.

You can't change the original lyrics or composition. To do so, you need a written permission from the copyright owners.

Cover versions can't sound exactly like the original, because such "soundalike" versions will be rejected by the music services.

If you can't obtain the rights from a collecting society, you have to get a written permission from the copyright owners or publisher.

Cover versions are often legally problematic. We recommend to always get written permissions from the copyright owners or to consult a lawyer.

We can't guarantee that cover versions will be accepted by the music services. Some music services reject cover versions, if there are already too many versions of the same song. The rejection of a single cover song leads to the rejection of the whole album.
To account your sales every song needs an ISRC (song identification) and every album needs a UPC (album identification). All required codes are already included in your flatrate, so you don't have to worry about these codes.

You'll find the codes in your user account under "albums" after an album has been distributed by us. You can also use these codes also for your CD or vinyl production as long as the album is identical.

If you have your own ISRC codes you can enter them during the upload (only with Label Flatrate). For digital albums it's important that every song/track has a new ISRC, even re-releases. Unlike with physical album, the ISRC can't be used multiple times for the same song. ISRCs that are used twice will be replaced by us.
Changing the audio files of an album is not possible. It's also not possible to add or delete songs. Instead, the album has to be deleted and replaced by a new album. To avoid this, please make sure you choose the correct audio files during the upload.
During the upload you can select a prelisten start time, which is the time when a song preview starts playing on the music download services (0-99 seconds from the beginning of the song). The prelisten start will be accepted by some music services (e.g. iTunes, TikTok), other music services have fixed prelisten start times (e.g. Amazon). There is no guarantee for the prelisten start time.

Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.