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Artist assigned to a wrong profile

As the channels are the ones to automatically assign releases to their artists’ profiles when a release is distributed it can happen to be assigned to an incorrect Artist Profile. It also can happen that the channel creates a new artist profile instead, while a previous one already exists. This issue happens with Artist Profiles with […]
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Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon has launched now its app for artists. The new Amazon Music for Artists app provides the tools every artist needs to grow, engage, and monetize their fans on Amazon Music. In this article, you can find a summary of what is Amazon Music for Artists and how to get access to it. The information is divided into […]
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Spotify: Release assigned to a wrong profile

Here we explain how to proceed if a release has been assigned to the wrong profile, there are two possible cases: It is common that, when an artist releases to Spotify, the channel assigns the music to another existing profile. This issue tends to happen with Artist Profiles with identical or similar names, as Spotify […]
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Spotify: Artist profile verification

Here you’ll find all the information regarding the Spotify Artist profile verification. Introduction How to request an artist verification How to request a label verification Introduction To get your Spotify Artist Profile verified and to manage it yourself, you’ll need to request access to Spotify For Artists. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the blue check […]
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Spotify: How to submit your music for playlists

Spotify features the option to submit songs that have not been published yet to their official curated playlists. To do so, the artist, label or manager has to go to their Spotify for Artists account and select the track they wish to submit for playlists. The editorial team will consider the proposal and decide if the track […]
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Artist ID directly from the platform

In order to avoid possible errors concerning profile assignment, we recommend all End Users to fill the credentials found in their artist profiles, for their SoundCloud profile, Apple Artist ID, and the Spotify artist ID, in the “Catalog / Artists” tab. SoundCloud profile Apple Artist ID Spotify Artist ID Important: this functionality only works with […]
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How to update artists information

When you are creating a release and you add a new artist, an artist profile is automatically created in the Omziki platform. You can check this artist’s page by going to “Catalog / Artists“. In this section, you can find all the artists that have been created by an end-user or, if logged as the […]
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How to get Apple Artist ID (iTunes)

This article explains how to get the Apple Artist ID providing an example.   The Apple Artist ID is automatically assigned to each artist created in the iTunes Store. Once the works of an artist are available, the artist ID can be obtained via Apple’s artist page. To obtain the artist ID follow these steps: Search any […]
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Content Style Guide

Omziki Content Style Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS   Omziki Content Style Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS I. GENERAL STYLE GUIDE Metadata requirements Artist roles Some other relevant information about roles Format Genre Explicit content Metadata writing Titles of albums and tracks Language, capitalization and writing rules Lyrics policy for iTunes Label, licensing, prices, territories and release […]
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