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Omziki’s Catalog Coming to Canva this Fall

In a promising development for artists, musicians, and creators worldwide, Omziki’s catalog will be available on the popular online design platform Canva this fall. This collaboration will allow users to effortlessly add music to their creations, opening up new revenue opportunities and creative possibilities. Canva recently announced a partnership with Merlin Association, granting Canva users the ability to […]
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Projected $2B Royalty Earnings by 2034

Omziki Distribution, as a leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists in Africa, has projected that artists in Africa will collectively earn $2 billion by 2034. This projection highlights the potential growth and opportunities within the African music industry over the next decade. Omziki Distribution likely bases its projection on several factors, including the current […]
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How Do I Upload Dolby Atmos Audio to Apple Music & Tidal?

What is Dolby Atmos? Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio format that empowers music creators to design new experiences for listeners by precisely positioning audio channels within a three-dimensional sound field. Dolby Atmos opens up an entirely new palette for creative exploration beyond the conventional, two-channel audio limitations, providing clarity, space, and depth. Where can […]
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Enhanced audio distribution

Some channels offer an enhanced audio listening experience with different audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos or MQA. Omziki offer the delivery of audio files under these formats to Apple Music (Dobly Atmos) and TIDAL (MQA). If you want to distribute this type of content to Apple Music and/or Tidal, Omziki can do it for […]
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New Channels | New Services | New Look!

Hello Omziki Artist, We’d like to introduce you to the new channels that have been integrated into our service offer. Let’s get right into it! Register your content with ACRCloud We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with ACRCloud to allow you to register your music to their innovative audio fingerprinting database. ACRCloud is an automated audio and […]
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Holiday Season Release Scheduling

Plan Ahead for your End-of-Year Release As usual, in November and December, we anticipate that it may take longer for iTunes, Spotify, and all other stores to ingest your release.  While Omziki Distribution already suggests that you upload your music well before your release date to ensure it’s ready to go live on time, we […]
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