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Rights Management

Making amazing music takes talent, but making music is only the start.

Many musicians know that distributing their releases to a wide range of music platforms and getting featured on popular playlists helps to grow their music on a global scale. What many artists are not aware of is that protecting their music as it travels the world is equally as important, helping you to retain fans, grow your audience and earn from your music.

Here at Omziki Distribution, we believe it is important to inform every artist and label that all music is at risk of being copied on digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube & YouTube Music, SoundCloud and Amazon Music, without your consent. The good news is, Omziki® offers Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Protection free of charge to protect all of our client’s releases.

Where Can You Protect Your Music?

YouTube/ YouTube Music
Digital Rights Management
You can safeguard your YouTube & YouTube Music releases with Content ID, giving you the option to ‘Monetise’ or ‘Track’ any content match that may arise relating to your release. This applies across the entire YouTube platform, allowing you to earn money whenever another person is generating earnings from copies of your track.
Facebook/ Instagram
Digital Rights Management
Any time you release a new single or album to either Facebook or Instagram using Identity Music, you are able to secure the release with Facebook Rights Manager, completely free of charge. This will enable you to choose to ‘Monetise’, ‘Block’ or ‘Claim’ any content matches of your track(s) within our innovative dashboard, keeping your music yours.
Digital Rights Management
Identity Music will always protect every track you distribute to SoundCloud with no charges. We carefully monitor SoundCloud for any content matches, automatically blocking any discovered match across the entire platform. We will ensure that your music is always protected and that you retain the rights to your creations.

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Collect what’s yours.

Collect All of Your Royalties

We work with thousands of pay sources around the world to get you all the revenue you deserve. Spend more time making music and let TuneCore Publishing collect your royalties. TuneCore Publishing will collect:

Global Mechanical Royalties
Every stream on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music generates a mechanical royalty

Global Performance Royalties
Every stream on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music generate a performance royalty as does your music being used on TV, radio, satellite radio, in bars, restaurants, concert venues and more.

Global Micro-Sync Royalties
Every video with music created on Tik Tok or uploaded to YouTube generates both a performance and mechanical reproduction royalty

Global Print Royalties
Anywhere your music or lyrics are printed, royalties are generated

Thousands of other global pay sources!

Get Your Music in TV, Movies, Games, & More

Our team works globally to pitch your music for film, TV, commercials, and video game placements.

We make sure your compositions are front-and-center for every new licensing opportunity. Check out the examples below of successful placements in hit TV shows and movies.

Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.