Omziki Distribution

Omziki Distribution and Join Forces to Empower African Independent Artists Worldwide

In being strategic on amplification and distribution of music for the African Music audience, Omziki Distribution is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with, a leading music distribution platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the mission to empower independent African artists by expanding their reach to over 220 stores and streaming platforms […]
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VEVO video delivery

DISCOUNT: VEVO Channel Creation and Video Delivery Create a new VEVO channel at only $50 one time fee per channel and connect with viewers in over 200 countries worldwide. Distribute music videos to VEVO at only $15 one time fee per video and put your content in front of the right audience. Get royalty data […]
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Omziki’s Catalog Coming to Canva this Fall

In a promising development for artists, musicians, and creators worldwide, Omziki’s catalog will be available on the popular online design platform Canva this fall. This collaboration will allow users to effortlessly add music to their creations, opening up new revenue opportunities and creative possibilities. Canva recently announced a partnership with Merlin Association, granting Canva users the ability to […]
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Projected $2B Royalty Earnings by 2034

Omziki Distribution, as a leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists in Africa, has projected that artists in Africa will collectively earn $2 billion by 2034. This projection highlights the potential growth and opportunities within the African music industry over the next decade. Omziki Distribution likely bases its projection on several factors, including the current […]
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