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VEVO video delivery

DISCOUNT: VEVO Channel Creation and Video Delivery

Create a new VEVO channel at only $50 one time fee per channel and connect with viewers in over 200 countries worldwide.

Distribute music videos to VEVO at only $15 one time fee per video and put your content in front of the right audience.

Get royalty data to your Omziki Dashboard with a comprehensive view of your sales performance.

These are some of the key benefits of distributing to VEVO:

  • Instant monetization: VEVO pays artists royalties for each view of their videos from day one. It’s a great way for artists to start earning revenue from their video assets compared to being a YouTube partner, which requires years of development in order to reach the minimum amount of subscribers and watch time.
  • Audience: VEVO has over 150 million daily viewers and is available on a variety of other platforms, including YouTube, Apple TV, Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Distributing your videos to Vevo can help you reach a much wider audience than distributing just to YouTube.
  • Exposure: Music videos provided by VEVO are optimized for search results on YouTube. This means that VEVO videos are more likely to be seen than regular videos.
  • Professionalism: Being associated with VEVO can lend a sense of credibility and professionalism to independent artists and labels. VEVO is known for hosting high-quality music videos from major artists, and having your content on the platform could elevate your brand image.
  • Mergeable with OAC: VEVO channels can be merged with OACs on YouTube. Artists can continue to distribute new releases through VEVO and they will be displayed on their OACs. OAC subscribers will be notified about new releases. Merge your VEVO to your YouTube channel here: VEVO Merge

If you are interested in this service, make your distribution requests through this form: VEVO Delivery

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