Omziki Distribution

Projected $2B Royalty Earnings by 2034

Omziki Distribution, as a leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists in Africa, has projected that artists in Africa will collectively earn $2 billion by 2034. This projection highlights the potential growth and opportunities within the African music industry over the next decade.

Omziki Distribution likely bases its projection on several factors, including the current state of the music industry in Africa, the growth of digital music platforms, the increasing popularity of African music globally, and the rising number of independent artists taking control of their own careers.

The African music industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, with artists from various genres gaining international recognition and attracting global audiences. This growth has been facilitated by the increased accessibility of digital music platforms, which have allowed artists to reach a wider audience and generate revenue directly from their music.

Furthermore, the emergence of independent distribution companies like Omziki Distribution has provided artists with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the music industry independently. These companies offer services such as digital distribution, marketing, and promotion, enabling artists to release their music on a global scale without relying on traditional record labels.

It’s important to note that projections like these are subject to various factors and uncertainties, and the actual earnings of artists in Africa may differ from the projected amount. However, the projection by Omziki Distribution reflects the growing potential and opportunities available to African artists in the music industry, emphasizing the positive outlook for the industry’s future.

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